Between elation and awe.

Follow the call of the alps and experience 65 kilometres pure trail fascination on the Stoneman Glaciara Hike.

The mightiest ice stream of the Alps

With a lenght of 20 kilometres the Big Aletschgletscher is the longest glacier in the alps. Billions of tonnes of ice stretch out along a fascinating landscape and are waiting for you to marvel at. He arises trough the confluence of three mighty firn streams - the big Aletschfirn, the Jungfraufirn and the Ewigschneefeld and has its origin in the Jungfrau-region.

Follow this mighty ice stream over 12 kilometres on the Stoneman Glaciara Hike and experience this stunnig part of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage.

Walk on the ridge!

On the unique ridge hike from the Eggishorn to the
Bettmerhorn, the ice giant is your faithful companion to your right.

To the left, your gaze wanders over the multitude of peaks that tower over 4,000 metres and towards the sky. Ahead of you are lying protected woods with swiss stone pine trees that are hundreds of years old and a diverse fauna and vegetation.

Follow the well signposted route to an unique natural spectacle that anyone has to experinced once in a lifetime.

Note: The Bettmergrat is an alpine hiking trail and is marked with blue and white markings. Please remember this when choosing your hike on the ridge. In addition to your hiking experience, bring sufficient surefootedness and a head for heights.

Via suspension bridge across the valley

At the foot of the Fiescher Glacier above the Weisswasserschlucht gorge and in Bellwald above the Lammaschlucht gorge they span – two suspension bridges with a total length of 440 metres and a height of 220 metres. They complete your experience of a continuous adventure along the different locations and promise you incomparable views of the world of peaks, right in the heart of the UNESCO
World Natural Heritage Site.

The Stoneman route map (70x70cm) is part of the starter pack and shows you the highlights along the route.

Trailrunning or hiking: You can start anywhere!

Trail running or hiking: You can get on anywhere!

No competition stress. At the Stoneman, you are your own benchmark: your stage split, your performance, your hike or trail running experience.

If you conquer the course in one day, you can call the Stoneman trophy in gold your own. If you master the Stoneman in two or three stages, you will have earned the silver or bronze trophy. The main thing is that you have a breathtaking experience.

An impressive glacier, centuries-old mountain villages and adventurous suspension bridges - the Stoneman takes you on a well signposted route to true places of longing.

Starting at the over 600-year-old Gommerdorf/Bellwald, a challenging climb leads up to the crystal-clear Märjelensee lake. The icy water is a refreshing highlight in the Aletsch Arena and located right on the eastern edge of the mightiest ice stream in the Alps - the Great Aletsch Glacier.

One of the highlights of the Stoneman Glaciara Hike is beyond doubt the ridge hike against this magnificent backdrop. From the spectacular vantage point of the Eggishorn, the ridge leads to the Bettmerhorn. If the ridge is not feasible due to weather conditions, there is an equally breathtaking alternative: the northern bypass, which brings you even closer to the glacial behemoth.

A particularly extraordinary experience is the journey through enchanted forests with thousand-year-old stone pine trees that emit a healing scent. Of course, the crossing of the two monumental suspension bridges at a height of over 100 metres ist not an everyday experience, either.

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